September 2014

Launch date: November 2014


August 2014

A new website for the artist led organisation The Common, set up by recent graduates from Middlesex University to promote discussion and creativity around art education.
To be launched early 2015

Mapping Mapusa Market

April 2014

Mapping Mapusa Market is a multi-disciplinary collaborative research project involving artists,designers, writers, teachers, students and interested members of the public and supported by AHRC and Goa University.
This is a map based website documenting art projects and resources in Mapusa market, Goa.
To be launched in December 2014.
Drupal 7, Open Street Maps,Open Layers, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

Andrew Burton

February 2014

To be launched late 2014, this is a site redesign, upgrading the CMS, and making the site responsive.

Drupal 7, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3


December 2013

This is a business start up to be launched later this month.
The remit was for a fully content managed site that could be expanded and developed with the growth of the business.